A previous post noted opposition to sea level rise adaptation in North Carolina.  San Francisco Bay has been in an uproar over the same issue for the last year as a regional plan for sea level rise adaptation has run into business group opposition.  The opposition comes from many of the same sectors in SF Bay as in North Carolina:  business interests who fear that adaptation will disrupt shoreline development plans. 

Business opponents have been joined by labor unions, some local governments, and a few social/environmental justice organizations.  They have formed a group - Bay Rising - to argue that infill and shoreline development should be allowed to continue on a case-by-case basis in areas at risk and any state policies should, "encourage environmentally and economically sustainable private investment and innovation and public/private partnerships in low-lying areas." (Pacific Sun August 12, 2011)

The San Francisco Bay and North Carolina experiences will probably be repeated wherever local, regional, and state governments get serious about sea level rise and other climate adaptation efforts.  Anticipating and defusing these confrontations will be a challenge for us going forward.

(Image above from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Economic Development Commission shows the SF Bay with 16 inches of sea level rise - blue zones are new inundation)


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