Phone App Upgrade Being Tested!

Our Phone app - Sea Level Rise - is getting some attention in the press again

BACK STORY - Our conventional outreach work was limited and not reaching all the folks we needed. Younger people, busy people, folks who have a "part time" interest in flooding and sea level rise. We also found in our outreach work that people had lots of "native knowledge" of where flooding was happening in their community. This put us onto the potential to crowdsource this flooding information using a smart phone app, bringing new people into the sea level rise adaptation world.

The app was developed in 2014, using support from the blue moon fund. Their investment allowed us to develop and test the app through a number of storms/flood events. And the app does not care where it is used, so we have been able to expand the use of the app up and down the Atlantic Coast.

2015 Fall Mapping with Partners Along the Atlantic Coastline

2015 Fall Mapping with Partners Along the Atlantic Coastline

We have some new collaborations - the Cousteau National Estuarine Reserve at Rutgers University helped us develop V2.0 of the app and we are running it now. We're also starting to work with some folks who are building and deploying inexpensive water level monitors to see if we will be able to develop an early warning system in Hampton Roads.

Check out the new app and background on our new host site -