Coastal Communities Hook Up to Address Sea Level Rise

Charleston, SC Mayor John Tecklenburg came to the Hampton Roads/Charleston knowledge exchange Friday, June 16, in Charleston to urge action on flooding and Sea Level Rise. The exchange was set up by theCharleston Resilience Network to have the two flood-prone regions share ideas and approaches to deal with the nuisance flooding and sea level rise impacts.

Supported by the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Applications (CISA) program (funded by NOAA), the meeting was the start of what the participants hoped would be a continuing exchange that could expand to include other coastal communities at risk.

Wetlands Watch was proud to have been included to speak to the role of nonprofit partners in the adaptation process. Thank you Charleston, thanks to the Charleston Resilience Network and to CISA and NOAA. This will make our work much more productive if we can share successes and approaches.