More Community Scale Adaptation Underway

Snapshot: Community level adaptation strategy and design work continues in another Norfolk neighborhood, building on efforts over the past four years. Students meet residents to fashion stormwater and flooding solutions.

BACKSTORY: The Poplar Hall neighborhood in Norfolk is the focus of another community-scale adaptation effort, continuing the partnership between Wetlands Watch, The Elizabeth River Project, University of Virginia's Resilience Capstone students (led by Dr. Phoebe Crisman), and the City of Norfolk. Another waterfront community along the Broad Creek tributary of the Elizabeth River, Poplar Hall was built out in the late 1950's and has stormwater pollution and flooding issues that need fixing.

Working with the community, the Team will come up with some approaches to dealing with the water issues here. As with the work in Ingleside, we hope to develop some grant proposals to put the designs and strategies on the ground.