A Collaborative Summit: Protecting Water Quality Through Actions on Urban-Suburban Properties

With 179 people attending, the Summit was a unique convening of a diverse group of interests, experiences, and perspectives from government, non-profit, research, education and private sectors. All assembled for two days to join forces to tackle one the most difficult but necessary water quality challenges for Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Region: achieving a widespread, accelerated use of watershed restoration and stormwater retrofit best management practices (BMPs) on privately owned urban-suburban properties.

Reducing Nutrients on Private Property

Wetlands Watch released a study on conservation landscaping needs in Virginia. We saw the use of conservation landscaping as a way to meet nutrient and sediment pollution reduction goals through habitat restoration and creation - efforts that are getting shoved to the side in the urgency to meet pollution reduction standards.


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The Rising Tidewater (Landscape Architecture Magazine) 

The Rising Tidewater (Landscape Architecture Magazine) 


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