Examples of Local Government Needs

Options for Use of FEMA Properties - Removing frequently-flooded structures in the flood plain is the best way of dealing with flood mitigation/adaptation. However, as a locality acquires more properties there is a need to figure out what to do with them - make them parks, passive recreation sites, shoreline access points, etc. All these sites become operation and maintenance challenges for the local government. Can someone help localities figure out how to make the best use of these properties?

First Floor Elevation Estimates - Many localities are trying to develop a way of quickly estimating the first floor elevation of a structure from curbside. Older structures in urban areas do not have current elevations on record but localities need these in order to prioritize needed work. Can we find a simple and inexpensive engineering/architectural solution to make these estimates quickly and cheaply?

Septic System Mapping - The Virginia Department of Health maintains records on septic system locations. Their records are paper records, not digital, preventing the development of a GIS overlay for locating septic systems in flood plains and those at risk from sea level rise. This prevents rural communities from developing strategies to deal with failing septic systems in tidally influenced flood zones. Can someone digitize the location of the septic systems and create a GIS layer to display them for planners and health officials in rural localities?

Land Use Planning and Design to Address both Flooding and Stormwater Runoff - In built out areas facing regulatory restrictions on stormwater pollution, sea level rise adaptation designs must take stormwater runoff reduction into account. Most of the designs done by the Collaboratory to date seek to do that but each neighborhood faces different challenges. Every locality in Hampton Roads can use help from urban planners, designers, environmental engineers, etc. to develop approaches that provide both adaptation and environemtnal benefits.