Our Work

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Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Our work in sea level rise adaptation includes producing a statewide adaptation guide for local government staff, a phone app that crowdsources flooding data, and establishing an adaptation research collaborative in Virginia.


Floodplain Management

We encourage localities to increase the amount of open space in floodplains, which reduces risk from increased flooding and produces more communities resilient to the impacts of sea level rise. We specifically promote open space creation through our work with the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS), a program in which localities can earn property owners flood insurance premium reductions for locality actions that reduce flooding. We developed a Virginia-specific guide to assist local governments enrolled in the CRS program and our Policy Director, Mary-Carson Stiff, chairs the regional CRS Workgroup.


Conservation Landscapes

Wetlands Watch encourages the use of green infrastructure, low impact development, and conservation landscaping with native plants. We help to coordinate the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification program, an advanced credential system that has been developed to create a network of sustainable landscaping professionals within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Citizen Action

We encourage all concerned citizens to take action to protect our wetlands. We have developed a homeowner's guide to preserving wetlands, compiled information about local Bay boards and wetlands permitting, and hold social gatherings to bring together environmental professionals and community members.